What Exactly is Derma Rolling?

Derma rolling or micro needling is a handheld device that is used by millions across the world. Part of the charm is that it extremely easy to use and does not have any side effects. In layman’s terms, a derma roller is a plastic roller with tons of tiny needles. Depending on what the patient needs the derma roller for, the number of needles as well as the thickness of the needles will differ. There can be anywhere from 90 to 540 needles on a derma roller with sizes ranking anywhere from 0.25 mm to 3mm.

Derma rolling is a natural alternative to get your skin looking smoother and brighter without the terrible effects that come with chemical alternatives. Over the course of the treatment, the skin will repair itself naturally by breaking down scar tissue. This is done with the help of micro needles since the needles create punctures in the skin. These punctures in the skin are what results in the skin repair because of the production of new collagen. Collagen is essentially what makes your skin strong and firm which is why derma rolling is considered a god-send for people suffering with wrinkles and fine lines.

Essentially what the derma roller is doing is causing short term damage to trigger the production of collagen so that when the skin is repairing itself to form firmer, clearer skin. The new skin that is formed is far healthier than before which is why a lot of clients use a derma roller to simply make their skin look younger.

If this is hard to understand, try and compare the treatment with weight lifting. When you go the gym, the idea behind it is that you should create small tears in the muscle so that the muscle will rebuild itself to become stronger than before. The same ideology is used for derma rolling but it is applied to the skin.

Does it work?

A lot of derma roller users wonder how long the treatment is going to take and the best way to get an idea is to take a look at the history of derma rolling. Dr Fernandes was the first to realize that the results that came with derma rolling were immediate with the skin becoming stronger after even the first session. Countless studies have come to the conclusion that derma rolling increases the production of collagen to a large extent with just a few treatments. The studies further explain how the introduction of new collagen can help get rid of persistent acne or even scars.

Derma rolling can also be used to target the deep layers of the skin through skin ointments and oils. This can help smoothen out the skin from within and result in a more evened out tone. The micro needling that comes with derma rolling can help make the skin more susceptible to these ointments. Because of this, countless people have a derma rolling session before they try various ointments and creams since the effects will be far better after a micro-needling session. Whether you are depending on sunflower oil or a new cream you just bought, the effectiveness will be far more after a quick session because your skin will be far more open.

The science and history behind Derma Rolling

After derma rolling popularized itself among the masses, it became one of the most sought after techniques that were easy on your wallet as well as your skin. The procedure is essentially tiny needles that are pricked into the skin which breaks down the layers of the skin. The breaking down of these layers is what causes the body to produce new collagen. The needles size and length is what affects the length of the treatment, so if the needles are fairly long the treatment will show effects much faster but this may lead to more redness and it will also be unsuitable for sensitive skin. Depending on the needs of the client, needle length and various handles are available to make matters easier.

Derma rolling actually began when a German dermatologist, Ernst Kromayer who created the first known device that represented a derma roller in 1905. This device in comparison was much scarier since it had circular knives that would rotate to peel of dead skin. As time went on, the treatment became less painful and more effective. As needles got involved, the length to which the benefits were seen also became better. So overall, the concept behind the two products remained the same. Derma rollers focus on removing dead skin cells and destroyed skin so that the body will naturally produce more collagen which will result in healthier, younger looking skin. This is also why the skin looks firmer and healthier. Rather than just peeling off a layer of the skin, derma rolling focuses on improving the quality of the skin from within.

New derma rollers initially began in 1953 with Abner Kurtin creating the first of its kind. These derma rollers have only become better as the years have gone by. Kurtin replaced the old materials used with stainless wire brushes which are where things became a whole lot easier. Thos was considered quite a breakthrough for anyone using derma rolling as a treatment. This made the treatment far more comfortable and the effects of the treatment started to reach the deep layers of the skin.

1995 saw the first usage of derma Microneedles which has dynamically changed the industry and we have not turned back since. Microneedles have been proven to be as effective as laser treatments at half the cost without losing important layers of your skin. You skin remains healthy and is firmer than ever. Micro needling made the process far better since the product could now be used by just about everyone with a plethora of benefits to its name.

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