Derma Roller for Hair Loss

Derma rollers create channels in the layers of the skin that increase the amount that growth factors can be absorbed by the skin which is why derma rolling is often used synonymously with a hair loss treatment. Micro needling or derma rolling makes the skin clearer and better to look at it because it breaks down all the damaged layers to make space for healthier skin. This is done by increasing collagen production by creating pathways in the damaged layers of the skin.

How does a derma roller work on hair?

Essentially what the derma roller does is it penetrates the skin to form tiny wounds which is also why bleeding is common with bigger sized needles. These wounds are what pushes the skin to produce collagen which is produced to repair the skin. This new collagen production gives rise to healthier looking skin among other benefits. Derma rollers help make scars better over time with some people seeing a 100% reduction. They also aid with stretch marks or other signs of ageing. There is also significant improvement for people who struggle with fine lines and wrinkles. This is because the collagen production helps produce better layers of skin especially the dermis and epidermis are benefited by the collagen production.

Recently, people have started to look into how derma roller can aid with hair loss. This means hair follicles that have been burnt or stopped producing hair. Many people believe using derma rollers help these hair follicles to get back on track and they begin producing hair again. A study that was conducted a few years back, took 100 patients that different from hair loss to test how well derma roller therapy worked for them. Out of these 100 patients half of them only used their daily growth serum while the other half used both their regular treatment as well as a derma roller. There was a far more significant increase in hair growth for the people that were using both which has led to a whole host of individuals trying derma rollers to solve their hair loss problem.

Not only do derma rollers help increase the hair growth from hair follicles but they also help other treatments work better. So, for example, if you are using a serum or oil to increase hair growth, the derma roller will increase the product’s effectiveness. This is because derma rollers create pathways in the layers of the skin which means the skin will absorb the product better than it did before.

The main reason men suffer from baldness is due to a lack of DHT which causes the hair follicles to close. The idea behind derma rolling aiding hair loss is that constant treatment helps increase the level of DHT which improves the condition of hair follicles.

What derma roller needle size is best for hair loss?

When it comes to your scalp, the needle size you should use will differ from other areas of the body you may decide to treat. The scalp can mange thicker and longer needles than the facial skin can but nonetheless, using needles whose size is more than 0.5mm could damage the skin. So you could start with a derma roller where the needles are about 1mm and then work your way up. The study that was conducted used needles that were 1.5mm so that is the max you can go to. Anything more than 1.5mm needles for your scalp is not recommended.

How do I use a derma roller for my scalp?

It is relatively simple to use a derma roller on your scalp as it is not a small area. You can run the derma roller across the middle of your scalp to begin with and then work your way across using diagonal movements. Each length of the scalp should have at least 10 movements which means that you need to roll the derma roller across that particular area 10 times before you change direction. This ensures that you benefit as much as possible from each session.

Make sure you do not apply too much pressure on the scalp as this is going to cause unnecessary bleeding and pain. You should also try to treat your scalp on a day when you do not have much planned as the treatment could cause result in redness.

How often should I use a derma roller on my scalp?

When it comes to hair loss treatment you should not use the derma roller more than once a week if it has a needle size of 0.5mm to 1mm. Anything above this size and you should limit it to one session every two weeks.

Quick Tips for Micro needling to help with hair loss

  • Do not use needles that are bigger than 1.5mm as this could have negative effects.
  • You can use different needle sizes together as well which could allow you to have more than one session a week. This will also give you better benefits in some cases.
  • If you are a female, then you consider using a longer needle as it will be easier to reach the scalp without the hair getting tangled and knotted. Essentially if you hair is long then you should try using longer needles.

In conclusion

If you are using a derma roller to aid with hair loss, you are bound to see visible results in a few months. It is also a cheaper and more natural option than others. Just like keratin strengthens the hair and makes it healthier, similarly collagen production makes the skin healthier which promotes hair growth and repairs hair follicles. Derma rollers will never be more than $30 so they serve as an affordable option you can rely on for great results in the comfort of your own home.

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