Derma Roller for Beard

Derma rolling or micro needling is when you use a roller with tons of tiny needles to gently role it across your face. This derma roller can help with a plethora treatments ranging from skin tightening, elasticity of the skin, acne scars, stretch marks and more. A lot of men rely on bottle of creams and serums to help them grow a beard even though even they know it is getting them nowhere. Anything chemical can only do your body so much good and it will most probably be balanced out by the negative effects. Derma rolling is one of the only natural options out there that can help treat a lack of hair growth in the beard region through a scientifically backed idea. The needles that are placed all over the derma roller will reach your dermis which is the layer of skin below you epidermis. Your body views these pricks in the dermis layer as damage to the skin. To help combat this damage the body will automatically produce more collagen which is a structure protein that makes our skin more elastic and firm. Essentially due to the increase in collagen which is a protein for your body, your hair, skin and body thrives. This increases the hair growth for your beard because collagen is strengthening the growth hormones all over the areas you use the derma roller on. These growth hormones include the ones that grow hair. This is also why you will not see unwanted hair growth on other areas because the collagen production only takes place where the derma roller is used.

Why does it not affect women and cause them to grow beards?

A common question asked is why the derma roller does not affect women this way since there are thousands of women that use the derma roller on their face. This is because biologically speaking; they do not have the growth hormones that men do. This is a relatively unnecessary question that you would think would not be asked very often but surprisingly enough it is. Women grow hair in certain areas like their eyebrows which is where their growth hormones lie but it is not biologically possible for them to stimulate beard growth since the collagen cannot target any growth hormones since none exist.

Other benefits you would get by using the derma roller

If you decide to use the derma roller to stimulate beard growth, you will indirectly get a range of other benefits as well. A lot of men grow coarse dry hair which can lead to an unappealing look. Derma rollers help strengthen the hair and make it healthier. This helps it grow out smoother and better than ever before. It is also easier to shave and manage. Derma rollers also help acne scars fade away faster by producing new collagen that results in clearer skin. Another benefit that can be seen with derma rollers is reducing wrinkles and stretch marks all over the body since it makes the skin firmer and younger to look at.

It also gets rid of hyper pigmentation and excessive tanning by creating new, healthier layers of the skin. You will also have the healthy skin you do for longer since it helps keep wrinkles away even if you do not have them.

How do I get my skin ready for a derma roller session?

Your skin can get react better to the derma roller treatment if you take the time to prepare your skin in advance. Washing you face with a light scrub and then proceeding by towel drying it is a good start because you do not any product of any kind on your face before you begin. Make sure you do not have any sun screen or tanning lotion on because derma rolling can cause these products to be absorbed more than usual and they contain harmful ingredients. Make sure you have a trim if you do already have a beard. Treating an area with a lot of hair will lower the effectiveness of the derma roller so make sure you trim your beard before you begin. If you use any products that stimulate hair growth, it would be a good time to apply them before you begin because the derma roller will let the product be absorbed even more than usual. This will increase the effectiveness of the product.

How do I use the derma roller on my beard?

0.5mm or smaller is a good needle size for your beard as the size is good enough to penetrate the skin but it won’t cause excessive damage to the skin either. It will also be less painful than other sizes that are bigger. Another important aspect is having a clean derma roller since you have to remember that the needles are piercing your skin. Having even a slight amount of dirt or bacteria on the needle can cause damage. You can soak the derma roller in a disinfectant alcohol before you begin. After washing it and drying it, you can start the session. For each area that you are working on, roll the derma roller in every direction possible ten times. So straight, diagonal, across the area and any other direction needed to be rolled over ten times each. This will make sure the needles are actually penetrating your skin properly.

Considering the length of the needle you are using, you can use the derma roller about twice in one week and you should start seeing visible results in about four months.

Should I use a topical agent with my derma roller?

If genetically you already have some facial hair, then chances are that the derma roller will help you grow a beard any way since the growth hormones already exist. If you have absolutely no facial hair at all, you could consider using the derma roller along with a topical agent that will help stimulate the hair growth as well. Overall, either way using a topical can benefit anyone looking to increase their hair growth so pairing the derma roller up with a topical or oil is something that should be considered.

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