Derma Roller for Acne Scars

Derma rollers are a great way to fade scars and dynamically change the way your skin looks for life. Using the idea of micro needling can make your skin firmer, more elastic and stronger due to the production of collagen. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jenifer Aniston saying they would rather have a less invasive treatment like derma rolling, thousands of people have considered giving it a try and many of them do. 95% of all people will face acne at some point in their life which is why having a solution that is not chemically-dependant or invasive can be life-changing for some.

Can Derma rolling work on any type of acne scar?

Derma rolling or micro needling can be used on just about any scar out there. The different types of scars can be dealt with by different needle lengths. If the acne is either mild or moderate, then a needle of length 1mm to 2mm can be used to treat the area. You can then proceed to build up after beginning with 1mm but if you are new to derma rolling then taking some time to let your skin get accustomed to the needles is advisable.

People that suffer from severe acne scars may need to depend on needles that are longer in length than. These needles can be extremely painful though and should be administered with numbing cream and a skilled hand. With 50% of adult women suffering with acne and 25% of men, having a natural alternative that works on any type of acne can be a life saver. Adult women tend to have worse acne during pregnancy and chemical treatments are not advised. Derma rolling serves as a dependable alternative no matter what is going on.

How do derma rollers help acne scars?

Derma rollers work by breaking down and creating pathways in the damaged skin. This increases the collagen production which results in clearer and healthier skin. The body’s natural reaction to breaking down the damaged skin will be to repair it will collagen production so this treatment works on literally everyone. This is the same logic that is used for chemical peels and other laser treatments, the only difference being derma rollers cost less than $30 and you can get back to your normal life much faster.

Types of acne scars


These acne scars are due to an over production of collagen and look like mini lumps all over the skin. This problem is the only type of acne scarring that should never be treated with a derma roller. This is because micro needling increases collagen production which will worsen the situation rather than solve the problem.

Indented acne scarring

This is the opposite of keloids and can be treated very well by derma rollers. Essentially what happens is the skin is unable to repair the scar due to a low collagen production problem. In this case derma rollers are the perfect solution because inducing collagen production is what they do best. Normally creams and serums will not do much to better this treatment. The only thing that can really help is a derma roller because the skin is in need of more collagen.

Hyper pigmentation

This type of scarring normally happens when the acne has been present for a while and has been picked on. It is essentially skin that is darker than the patient’s normal complexion. Derma rollers induce cell growth which is what repairs the skin in this case and brings it back to its original condition.

The acne scars that derma rollers are best suited for are indented scars because these scars appear due to a lack of collagen so micro needling is the perfect solution. On the other hand, keloids or raised scars should use other treatments since these scars are due to an excess of collagen. Overall, if you have normal acne which means you have indented scars, derma rolling will also help you get the most out of your other treatments. A lot of dermatologists prescribe various face washes, creams and serums that can really help patients with acne. But our skin naturally only absorbs about 8% of these products at best. Due to the pathways created by derma rolling within the various layers of the skin, the skin will absorb far more of the ingredients present in the product.

What type of serum should I use for acne scars?

Normally, derma rollers will come with a serum as part of the package but it is advised to only use certain serums if you are treating acne. Healing serums or brightening creams pair well with the treatment since this will help cure any hyper pigmentation easily. These serums that brighten the skin will also help give you a more even skin tone.

How often should I use the derma roller?

If you are using a derma roller that is about 1mm in terms of needle length then you can easily have a session three to four times a week depending on how your skin is reacting and how much time you have. If you do decide to depend on longer needles you will have to limit it to just once a week. People normally see an improvement in their skin condition after continuous treatment for at least three months.

Prevention is better than cure

It is extremely important that you do not scratch the scars or pick at the pimples because this causes unnecessary inflammation which can worsen the situation. The chances of your skin getting infected are also higher and infections normally lead to more acne. In conclusion, the single piece of advice that you should carry forward is to leave your skin alone as much as you can.

Other treatments that can make your acne worse are tanning and excessive exposure to the skin. Overdoing the usage of products or washing your face five times a day is not going to help either as it will only aggravate the skin.

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