What are the Benefits of Derma Rolling?

Derma rolling or the process of building collagen is becoming more popular by the day and tons of people are latching on to this new procedure that was considered a medical breakthrough in 2015. There are tons of benefits associated with micro needling and it is much cheaper than going to the salon for a treatment so that is another major plus. Micro needling is a great solution for a plethora of problems and knowing what it can help you with will help you make a more informed decision when it comes to buying a great product.

Acne and Scars

Scars can really hurt your self esteem or even serve as a nasty reminder when it comes to something you want to forget. Derma rolling unlike other chemical treatments targets the layers of skin beneath the top which means it is a great bet for acne or even scars that are stemming from deeper layers. Scars are essentially collagen that has not formed properly so when derma rolling tears through the collagen layers, this increases the production of new collagen which helps repair the scar tissue far faster than other alternatives.

Hyper pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation normally occurs when the person has a darker skin tone than usual and is producing an abnormal amount of melanin. This can be helped by micro needling by getting rid of the top layer and producing new collagen. Unlike chemical alternatives that indirectly make the problem worse, micro needling does not affect the pigment in the skin since it only targets the collagen levels. This also makes sun screens more effective which gives sensitive skin better protection in the long run as well. A study that was conducted came to the conclusion that a simple hand-held device that can be used at home with a needle length of 1.5mm or more is enough to reduce the effect left over from scars. Depending on the scar and how deep it is, the needle length should be considered. The length of the needle should be longer if the aim of the consumer is to target burn scars or birth marks as these are harder to treat. Dermatologic Surgery which is a magazine that was published a few years back stated that micro needling is actually as effective as laser treatments. So if you were considering spending thousands of dollars on a needless laser session that is going to be extremely painful, it would be a better bet to save you money and go for the more natural alternative.

Hair Growth

Plenty of people around the world suffer from anything from baldness to alopecia which results in a loss of hair. This can mean a lack of confidence for no good reason. Derma rolling is known to stimulate hair growth if used correctly and can target hair growth in a particular area of the body. The idea behind micro needling is that it will limit the hair loss by promoting the release of a growth hormone that results in thicker hair that will grow faster. Many clients will pair their treatment with a hair growth serum so that the effects of the serum are accelerated as well.

Aging Skin

A lot of women begin to depend on chemical peels and a range of creams as age starts to catch up to them. The mistake they make is thinking a chemical process could beat the natural process of aging. When it comes to micro needling, the natural alternative wins the battle since it actually targets the problem at its core. Instead of just smoothing out the skin, it also helps tighten the skin since it is increasing the collagen levels. A chemical treatment is simply peeling the top layer of skin off and invariably making your skin more susceptible to the harmful sun rays which will lead to more damage. Derma rolling is essentially giving you skin a new life and making it look younger naturally.

Everything works better

Whether its coconut oil, jojoba oil, creams or serums the effects that come with it will be ten times better if the application is coupled with a session of derma rolling. The micro needles from the derma roller break through the collagen in the skin to motivate the production of new collagen. Just after a session of derma rolling is when your pores are working the best so this is a great time to use products and to get the most out of them. Many professionals advise patients to use a serum with their session to maximize the benefits they are receiving. Normally only a maximum of 8% of the serum manages to penetrate through your skin. Derma rolling make your pores work better which means the benefits you are deriving from any product you put on your face will be better. Essentially what derma rollers do is create tiny holes in your skin which is also the reason products work so much better than they did before. These holes act as tiny passage ways that carry the ingredients in a serum to the deeper layers of the skin.

Your problem can be anywhere

Chemical peels and laser treatments are limited to certain body parts on multiple occasions which means if your problem is elsewhere, you are left with no solutions. Derma rolling is far less painful procedure that can be used on literally any body part. The micro needles are as affective on any part of your body and it is a great solution if your scar is not on your face. A lot of patients complain that that are limited options for people with problems on their hands or legs which is also why derma rollers are such a god-send. This natural alternative is the perfect alternative for just about any skin problem at half the price.

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