Should you Buy Derma Roller Numb Cream?

There are thousands of ways derma rolling can benefit your skin and make it far better to look at by making it firmer and stronger. During this process, you may have to use needles that are pretty long and that can cause pain and bleeding. A lot of patients are advised or even decide on their own accord to depend on a numbing cream to ease the pain. There are tons of options available depending on your personal preference. There are also quite a few brands available to choose from including Youyaner and Dr. Numb being one of the most common numbing creams. The numbing creams are specially designed to work well with micro needling sessions and have ingredients that make the treatment a less stressful or painful process.

A numbing cream is normally recommended for patients that are using needles that are longer than 1.5mm because anything longer than this can be pretty painful, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. Most of these creams are safe and can be used by just about everyone but if you have had allergic reactions in the past then you can apply the cream on a small patch of your skin to test run it.

How to apply the numbing cream?

If you are new to numbing cream then it is important to keep a few points in mind. The numbing cream essentially aimed to numb the pain to a certain extent but you will still feel a certain amount of discomfort. If you are applying the numbing cream yourself then you should wear gloves because applying it with your hands can make you hands go numb as well since the cream will get all over your fingers. You can prepare your face by washing it with a light cleanser and then apply a thin layer of the cream over the area of the skin that needs to be treated. The cream needs to remain on the area for about twenty to thirty minutes for it to be absorbed into the skin, after this you can wipe the cream off and begin the treatment. It is extremely important to wipe the cream of before you begin and it is unfortunately enough a common mistake that people make where they let the cream remain on the face during the treatment. If you do let the cream remain on your face during the treatment it can cause unnecessary side effects for no good reason since you are essentially creating pathways in your skin where the numbing cream will be absorbed. You can wipe your face clean with a damp cloth before you begin the treatment.


It should be made clear that the effects of the numbing cream only really last for about an hour at best after which you will feel the needles entering your skin and the treatment will not be as pain-free as it was with the cream in an active mode. Another common mistake newbies make is letting the cream lie on the skin for hours on end thinking that this will make the cream work better. This is so far from the truth because not following the recommended time limit can actually aggravate the skin and cause side effects.

Numbing cream may not be right for you if you suffer from a certain condition that limits what you can and cannot apply. This can be anything from being allergic to the ingredients that are present in the numbing cream to being pregnant. Pregnant women should stay away from numbing creams as far as possible and if it is an allergy you are dealing with then you could possibly find an alternative cream that does not have the ingredient that bothers you. Other than this, you should not use the cream near your eyes on mouth to prevent it from entering your system.

Benefits of using a numbing cream

A numbing cream can really help you get through the treatment session with far less pain to deal with. You will also be far happier to go back to another session of derma rolling after you are done since it will make the treatment far more comfortable and easy to deal with. Lidocaine is the main ingredient for most numbing creams and this ingredient works very well for people who undergoing a derma rolling treatment. Similar numbing creams are administered when people undergo chemical peels or laser treatments as well so it can be trusted considering it is a go-to solution for a lot of treatments.

Numbing Cream Brands you can Trust

Dr. Numb is one of the most used brands in the industry and has a range of benefits when it comes to the treatment session. Numb master and Youyaner are also brands that are equally trustworthy if you need to depend on a numbing agent. It is extremely important that you take the time to research the ingredients used and how to use the numbing cream so that you can take an informed decision and pick what is most suitable for your skin.

In conclusion

If a great numbing cream is used, you can enjoy effects for up to a few hours which is pretty helpful when it comes to large areas of the body. You should make sure you read the amount of time a cream will work for so you can plan accordingly. The time it will work for does depend on how much cream you apply and how long you leave it for but leaving the cream on for more than 45 minutes is never a good idea.

When it comes to micro needling, numbing creams are a great idea for needles with a longer length or even people that have extremely sensitive skin. If you pain tolerance is not great, this could an option you should consider to get through the treatment session.