Is Derma Rolling Safe for Home?

Derma rolling, otherwise known as micro needling is the process of using a roller with hundred of needles along the area of your skin that you want treated. The needles create pathways in the skin that motivate collagen production. These pathways are essentially repaired by the production of collagen which is what makes the skin firmer and stronger. The needles used during this treatment vary across various sizes. Longer needles can be more painful and need a trained eye when it comes to administering treatment. The process of collagen production is what helps repair wrinkles and fine lines because you are essentially creating cell growth which is making the skin healthier. Overall, derma rolling can help treat a variety of different treatments if the process is done the right way.

A lot of patients are uncomfortable with the thought of dealing with the derma roller by themselves at home and feel as though they may not be able to administer the treatment in the right way. The scary stories that make people think this normally comes from newbies who have decided to experiment with relatively long needles. If the treatment is for an issue that is not extremely serious and needs a needle length of anything below 2mm it can be easily done at home. Anything above 1.5mm will need a numbing cream because after this length, the treatment can get painful. Bleeding occurs more frequently when it comes to longer needles and patients need to be aware of this. Longer needles are not necessary to get the best results; it is normally about how fast you want the results. So if you willing to have a few more sessions than you can go for a shorter needle length and get the same final result as you would with a 2mm derma roller.
Another piece of information you should keep in mind if you practicing the session at home is that you should know the various needle sizes available because this will help you make an informed decision. You should know about the pain, downtime and precautions you need to take when it comes to different needle length.

At spas and clinics, they normally conduct sessions with derma rollers that are above the length of 1.5mm which is where the pain and bleeding increase by a certain extent.

At home treatment information

If you are using a derma roller that has needles that are longer than 1.5mm, it is important that you use a numbing cream if possible. This will help you deal with the pain better and you will not be dreading the next session. Numbing cream can be applied pretty easily with a pair of gloves on. You can then wipe the cream off and begin your treatment which will be far more comfortable.

You can use derma rollers at home to treat a range of different problems including acne, stretch marks, scars and wrinkles. Smaller needles can be used to improve the quality of your skin or get rid of hyper pigmentation. To treat wrinkles or acne you would normally use a needle that is about 1mm. Stretch marks on the body as well as acne and heavy wrinkling has to be treated with needles that are longer. Needle lengths can go up to 3mm and if you do want to go for this length, it is important that you consult a professional or get somebody to do it for you because this length can be extremely painful and tricky to administer. Having enough information by your side will let you safely use derma rollers in the comfort of your own home which makes things much easier and it can suit your time schedule better. It would be better to start with a derma roller that has needles of about 0.25mm and then you can work your way up. This will also give you enough time to get used to the workings of a derma roller and you will be able to see how your skin is reacting. It also allows your skin enough time to build up a tolerance so that it is easier to deal with longer needles.

Are at home derma rollers as good as treatments administered in spas?

If you buy a derma roller from a trustworthy brand and take basic precautions when using the derma roller, you will get the same results you would get at a spa or clinic. Make sure you soak your derma roller in hot water before you and dry clean it before you pack it away for the next time. This will make sure there will be no transfer of bacteria. These basic measures, if taken, will give you the same result as any spa would at quarter of the price. A derma roller cost about $30 at best with spas making customers fork out cash in the tune of hundreds which is very unnecessary. Most derma rollers will also come with a set of instructions and step by step processes to follow so it will not be hard to get the hang of it. Any side effects that occur normally only happen due to mistakes during the treatment rather than the actual derma rolling process so it is important that you are well informed before using a derma roller.

Benefits of at Home Treatment

Treating yourself at home is as safe and effective as a spa treatment is and you are also giving yourself the ability to save a lot of time and money. You will have the comfort of using your own product that you get to choose yourself while also not paying the hefty prices that come with a spa experience. Treating yourself at home also allows you a lot of flexibility since you can have a session whenever you are free rather than having to plan and time an appointment.

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