How to use a Derma Roller?

When it comes to micro needling or derma rolling there is a definitely a right and wrong way to do things. Derma rollers which are essentially tons of tiny needles rolling against your skin to break down the damaged layers and increase blood circulation are a product that has caught on like wild fire in recent years so it is no surprise that people will make mistakes along the way. Knowing how to use this product to your advantage can completely change what your skin looks like, making it firmer and stronger than it was before.

Derma rollers send a boost of collagen production to the skin which is also what makes lips plumper and helps get rid of under eye circles. This is also the reason it is such a great way to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines as well. The collagen production makes skin firmer which is what gives it a younger look.

Make an informed decision when it comes to your serum

Derma rolling at home means you need to be aware of what serums can add to the treatment. Serums can have tons of amazing ingredients that do wonders for your face but at the same time, there are some serums where the ingredients may not do you any good. If you do choose to pair your derma rolling session with a serum then make sure you read the list of ingredients that you will be massaging into your face.

Do not share your derma roller

Another quick tip is to never use your derma roller with another person no matter how close the two of you are. You do not want someone’s bacteria on something as transferable as a needle. This is a complete no-no for anyone who depends on micro needling.

Using the derma roller

You should begin the session by washing your face thoroughly and making sure your hands are clean. Do not try to use a derma roller on a face full of make up because it is not going to work half as well and it may even backfire. Your skin should be clean and patted dry before you begin. If you are using needles that are quite large, it would be better to depend on an anti-bacterial cream to get your face ready for the session.

This is where your derma rolling actually begins. If you would like to better the session by using a product than you should apply it before you begin the session. Since derma rolling essentially creates invisible holes within your skin, it is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your products. As you start to roll the derma roller up and down the area you are treating, make sure you are applying enough pressure for the micro needles to actually enter your skin slightly since a prick will not do much. As painful as this sounds, you will barely feel it and will only have to deal with slight redness afterwards. Make sure you roll the derma roller over the area a couple of times in each direction to make sure the area is well-treated. Between every roll of the Microneedles you should pick up the roller and give your skin a breather for a second or two. This helps your skin create new pathways for the needles and the treatment is more effective After you are done treating your skin, make sure you wash your skin with cold water and pat it dry. This is a good time to apply any product you may want to use because your skin has just been treated and the product will penetrate through very easily. So, it will be most effective at this point.

Keeping your derma roller well-maintained

Keeping your derma roller in great condition will save you money since you will be able to use the product for longer and you will also have a better product to use. After you finish treating your face with the derma roller, make sure you wash it in hot water so that any bacteria or germs that may be on the needles can be cleaned. Needles are a substance that results in a very easy transfer of just about anything so it is crucial that you are careful at all times. It is also important that you desterilize your derma roller from time to time. This can be done very simply by soaking it in disinfectant which will make sure your derma roller is hygienic and safe to use. Once you are done with this, you can pat your derma roller dry and put it back into its protective casing. Make sure you have a case to store your roller in because that maintains the hygienic aspect far better than letting it lie somewhere. This also helps keep the needles sharp for much longer since allowing the derma roller to lie somewhere will make the needles blunt faster and you will have to fork out cash for a new roller.

How Often To Use a Derma roller?

A lot of newbies get addicted to derma rollers pretty quick and begin to use it on a regular basis. It is important to take into account the needle size and type before you do this because extremely large needles should be used with less regularity. Derma rollers with a needle length of up to 0.30mm can be used on a regular basis without any problems at all but anything longer than that should be used with more precaution. If you are using needles of about 0.5mm then it would be better to use it three times a week at a maximum. Anything above 1mm can be used once a week or less depending on how long the needle is in terms of length. This is essentially the go-to time period depending on needle length and it is important to keep this in mind.

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