How to Pick the Best Derma Roller?

There are thousands of options when it comes to picking the derma roller that is best suited to your skin type. Knowing the various types of products and needle lengths on the market makes your life a whole lot easier since you get to choose exactly what works for you. A great derma roller can help you achieve an improvement of up to 82% in about 6 to 8 months making it a cheap alternative that can keep your skin looking great.

Needle length

Depending on the part of your body that you are treating, you need to know the needle size that is the best suited. A lot of newbies make the mistake of thinking bigger is better which is where they go wrong. Any derma roller that has a needle size that is above 1.5 mm should not be used on the face because this is not suitable for the facial skin since this skin is far more sensitive than the rest of the body. Derma rollers that are above 1.5mm are great for your body but there is no way you should be letting that anywhere near your face. Needle sizes up to about 0.5mm can be used at home without any numbing agents or serums since it is not harsh on the skin at all but between 0.5mm to 1.5mm it would be better to pair your session up with a serum that could reduce the pain.

Needle thickness

Just like the warning that came with needle length, similarly the thickness of the needles needs to be kept in mind. If you are using a needle that is absurdly thick on your face you are bound to do more damage than good. Thick needles should be left for body parts that need more pressure but anything on your face will need a finer needle which is why you will see derma rollers that are used on the face look very different as compared to body derma rollers.

Think about why you need it

If the aim of the game is to target hard to reach areas like beneath the eyes on near the nose, you should plan in advance. You do not want to be stuck with a great derma roller that has a terrible grip and cannot be used where you need it. If your aim is to treat dark circles, than you should widen your search and aim for the derma rollers that are especially made for this very purpose. These derma rollers will have a better grip that is made for these areas and will also have a thinner width so it is safer and more comfortable for usage underneath the eyes. Knowing which derma roller to use can save you a lot of nicks and bumps as well as helping you get the job done in half the time.

An all-in-one Solution

As mentioned above, different parts of your body as well as different treatments will need different needle sizes. It would be stupid to get a derma roller that can only be used with a certain needle length because that will mean you have to pay for three different rollers for different body parts. Having a product where the roller head can be removed will save you a lot of time and space. This will also make it easier for you to store your product so that it does not take up the whole shelf. A lot of problems can be solved with needles that have a maximum length of 0.75mm while stretch marks and scars may need needles that have bigger sizes. Keeping this in mind and getting a roller that serves every purpose is a great option.

Feedback matters

A lot of people get excited and want to get their hands on the first derma roller that they see which is never a great idea. Instead of just blindly trusting what the brand name is saying, it is important to take a look at what consumers just like you think about the product. Go through a few reviews online because this could be a great way to get an idea about whether it is actually as great a product as it claims to be. Feedback from previous consumers can also give you great tips and information that you can use later on if you decide to go for a certain product.

Do not be cheap

A lot of rip-off brands will try selling you the same product at a price that sounds too good to be true. During these times, instead of allowing your head to be turned remember that if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is. Saving $5 in the short run could lead to you regretting it later which is why it is best to splurge a little since this is a product that will last you for a while. Trustworthy brands that you have heard of are always a better bet than something that you do not even know how to pronounce.

Know what you want out of the treatment

Various derma rollers and needles lengths are available for different conditions. Instead of just going for the first one that comes up on the internet make sure you research for a while so that the product you order is perfect for your needs. Derma rollers can be used for anything from treating hair loss to treating wrinkles or acne so there are obviously a million different options. A little research can take you a long way and make the results you achieve far better. You will also have to invest less time and money in the long run if you know what you are doing from the very beginning.

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