Do Derma Rollers Work?

Derma rolling is based on the concept of micro needling where tiny needles are used to creative invisible holes in the various layers of the skin to increase the production of collagen. Increased collagen levels are known to make the skin firmer, stronger and better. This is because the production of collagen is essentially part of the process of your skin rebuilding itself. The invisible holes that are being made by the needles is what motivates the skin to rebuild itself which is also the reason it appears to look younger. The reason derma roller work so well is because they are naturally forcing the skin to break down so as to urge collagen production.

Chemical peels as compared to derma rollers

Chemical peels and laser treatments are the other alternatives available for people who want to treat acne, scars or fine lines. The reason chemical peels are considered a really bad option is because they work on the idea that peeling back the top layer of the skin will increase the production of collagen. Even though this does increase collagen levels, it is terrible for the skin since it is essentially ripping away the protective layers and making the skin vulnerable or sensitive.

In comparison to this, derma rolling is relatively simple since it is only cylindrical roll on device with tine needles that create pathways in the layers of the skin. Because of this, chemical peels are also far more expensive and they can be pretty painful during application. Derma rollers do not cause the redness or bruises that come with chemical peels since you are building collagen in a more natural way.

The idea behind derma rolling is that by creating pathways in the skin, the skin will automatically generate more cells in the process of repairing these pathways. So the damaged layers of skin that are punctured will look better than ever before because they will have a completely new life to them.

What do the reviews say?

Most of the patients who decided to take the leap and start derma rolling believe it has changed their skin completely or at least made the situation better. The great part about derma rolling is unlike its chemical alternatives it does not have any major side effects that can affect your skin in the long-run. It is also a much cheaper treatment with most derma rollers costing below $30 and these derma rollers often come with a packaging as well as a serum. Over and on top of this, the results that have been recorded from derma roller patients have been overwhelmingly positive.

Collagen production

Derma rolling increases the levels of collagen in the skin which is what makes the skin firmer and stronger. As age catches up, the skin tends to become saggy and dull to look it. The way micro needling combats this effect is by creating new collagen that makes the skin younger to look at.


Production of collagen helps treat wrinkles and fine lines by making the skin firmer than ever before. The younger, more elastic skin looks much better than before and your face even looks more vibrant.

Sun damaged skin

Derma rolling is also great for skin that seen a lot of sun damage but for individuals that want a more natural solution. It is a great way to let the skin repair itself at a faster rate. The logic behind derma rolling for sun damaged skin is that the production of collagen will create new cells which are what the body does to repair extreme tanning in the first place. It is essentially speeding up the process.

Stretch Marks

Similar to wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks come from age and loose skin. Using a derma roller on your body will need longer needles but the result will be as good. This is because the skin on your face is far more sensitive than the skin on your body. The collagen boost will make your skin firmer and give it more elasticity which is what will gradually get rid of the stretch marks for good. This treatment, unlike surgery and other unnatural methods, has no side effects which is why it is recommended time and time again to people.

Acne Scars

This is probably where derma rollers really excel. Micro needling has always been a great way to treat acne scars since it naturally breaks down the damaged skin from within which causes the cell birth cycle that results in better, firmer and clearer skin. Many people who have suffered with severe scarring or acne praise derma rolling as being the one option that really solved the problem while keeping budget and pain limitations in mind.


One of the additional benefits of derma rolling where the treatment really works wonders is when it comes to the absorption of serums or creams. This is another way where derma rolling can benefit the user if they suffer with pigmentation. If they are using treatments to combat the excessive pigmentation, the creams and products will be absorbed better if they are applied straight after a micro needling session. Other creams and serums also work far better and their effects are known to last longer if they are applied before or after the treatment.


Another reason why derma rolling is considered a treatment that works is because it has a much shorter downtime period than its chemical alternatives. Chemical peels and laser treatments mean the patients has to avoid make up and the sun for weeks on end while derma rolling or micro needling only has a downtime of a few days. This benefit is extremely useful if you have a hectic life where you want to get back on track and waste as little time as possible.

Derma Roller Results, Before and After Pics

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