Derma Rolling Mistakes

Derma rolling is a great natural alternative for people who suffer with scars, acne, wrinkles or fine lines but when patients jump into it without doing their fair share of research, it can lead to a few mistakes that should have been avoided in the first place. You can easily use a derma roller by yourself in the comfort of your own home but there are certain things you should be aware of as well.

Needle size

A lot of people do not really research the derma rollers available as well as they should and wind up thinking that they all do the same thing. This is simply not true. Different needle sizes will give you different after-effects as well as a different result. It is important to understand exactly what type of roller head and needle length is accurate for your treatment and following that can make all the difference. For example, there are certain roller heads that are made for people who want to treat their under eye area in particular so the grip of the handle will be suited to this area. Using any other kind of derma roller for this part of the face could lead to a few unnecessary nicks and bruises. Needles lengths also produce different collagen levels and different results. So if the aim of using a derma roller is simply for firmer skin, you could get away with a shorter needle length but if you are trying to deal with acne or scars then it would be better to bet on a roller with longer needles since anything below 0.5mm will not give you the collagen production that is necessary to treat this problem.

The way you are using the derma roller

Using the derma roller in a range of directions including upwards, diagonally and downwards will make sure you cover each part of the skin. Continuous pressure or rolling on a certain area is never a good idea because this pressure could do more than good. Make sure you lift your hand up every time you roll the derma roller against you skin and place it back down in a slightly different position. This makes sure you cover the area properly and it is also gives your skin a much-needed breather during the pressure application. Knowing how to place the roller and not apply too much pressure will give you the best results so following these simple instructions will give you a better experience and you will also be happier with the way your skin looks afterwards.

Skin conditions

Derma rolling is a great option for most people but patients with skin conditions need to be more wary than others. If your skin is highly sensitive or you have a pre-existing skin condition than derma rolling may not be right for you. For example, someone who has eczema or pre-existing bruises from an accident would be unsuitable for a session of derma rolling. It is important to make sure you do not have any skin conditions that could worsen due to applied pressure or treatment.

Makeup and Tanning

Micro needling created various passages in the layers of your skin that absorb serums, oils and creams better which is why it is recommended that patients use serums with their treatment. But in the same way as serums do, make up and sunscreen are also more likely to be absorbed into the skin straight after a derma rolling treatment. These products are really not good for your skin in the first place and letting them get absorbed even deeper than usual is a terrible mistake that could lead to unwanted and unnecessary pimples or breakouts that could be avoided. It is best to leave your skin alone for a while after a derma rolling session so that it can get back to normal naturally.

Sun and salons

A lot of darker complexions complain that after a session they suffer temporary hyper pigmentation which is normally because their skin is more vulnerable than ever and letting it out under harmful rays like the sun or tanning beds can cause a temporary side effect. Tanning salons and heavy exposure to the sun should be avoided for some time after a session since these harmful rays will do more damage after a session.

Chemical Peels

This is essentially the chemical version of derma rolling that relies peeling the top layer of the skin off so as to push collagen production levels. Other than this being a terrible idea in general, it should never be coupled up with a derma rolling session. Chemical peels already make you skin extremely sensitive and using a derma roller straight after could irritate your skin. It is important to never follow a chemical peel or laser session by using a derma roller because this could be potentially harmful for your skin.

Do not share

It is easy to pass on bacteria and dirt from one person to another with a derma roller since it has so many needles. It is important that you keep your derma roller clean and well maintained in a proper case at all times. Sharing something with so many needles will inevitably lead to bacteria being carried forward, so it is advised that a derma roller should never be shared and limited to one person only. Cleaning your roller in a disinfectant from time to time is also recommended since leaving it out in the open could mean that it attracts dirt and dust. After using it on your face, you should wash your roller under hot water and dry it with a clean towel before putting it away.

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