Derma Roller Side Effects

Derma rollers or micro needling comes with some amazing benefits like the increase in collagen production or firmer, younger-looking skin. Just like everything else it is important to keep the side effects that come along with these benefits in mind because that will help you keep yourself as safe as possible and save yourself any unwanted surprises.

Skin Redness

This is probably the most common side effect that is experienced when using a derma roller. It is completely normal and will not last more than a few hours. The best advice for a side effect like this one is to not panic and wait it out. You can use a cooling agent after your treatment if it is bothering you or you are feeling itchy but other than this there is nothing to it. A cooling cream or even just some ice is the answer to any discomfort in regard to this issue. It is very similar to waxing if a comparison helps; it is just mild redness that has no actual long-term significance. It is also completely painless.


This is a side effect that is pretty much as harmless and common as skin redness. It lasts for a few days at best and is just part of the process. When the skin is producing new collagen, it is a common side effect for dryness to occur so there is really nothing to be worried about. This is more common among patients who have naturally dry skin and are using needles that are longer in length. Longer needles tend to cause slight dryness that will clear itself up naturally while a moisturizer can help speed the process along.

Infected Areas

This is one of the more serious issues when it comes to derma rollers but it should not happen if precautions are taken. Normally the reason behind any infection is dirty needles or equipment that has not been taken care of. Taking good care of your product as well making sure it comes from a reputed source are easy ways to make sure you never have to face any sort of infection. If the needles are completely clean and soaked in antibacterial liquid then you do not have anything to worry about. Infections also arise when two users share the same derma roller which is another reason why warnings against this are constantly given out by companies and clinics.


It is common for patients with sensitive skin to see slight inflammation immediately after the treatment but this will die down in a few hours if not sooner. Icing the inflammation will help soothe the area but either way the side effect is pretty common and no reason to worry. Similar to dryness, this happens when longer needles are used for prolonged periods of time with a high amount of pressure. Sensitive skin is known to react pretty quickly but the after effects do not last long.

Pain during session

Sometimes patients tend to feel slightly uncomfortable during the session which is not a very common side effect but it is possible. This normally happens when the patient has highly sensitive skin and is using a needle that is pretty long. If the pain is more than normal, it can easily be taken care of by depending on a numbing cream. If you do decide to try a numbing cream, make sure you wipe the skin clean after leaving it on for about twenty minutes. So essentially once the cream has done what it needs to do for your skin, make sure you remove it before you start the session.

Worsening the situation

If the derma roller is not from a dependable brand it can cause the problem to become worse by transferring bacteria. This normally happens when people decide to buy off-brand derma rollers from unknown sources that they have never heard of. This is why it is extremely important that you get your product from a place you trust so that you do not have to face any of these issues. Unknown brands have been known to sell rollers with blunt or dirty needles as well as handles that have terrible grip and break more easily. If you are getting a branded product from an unknown website for a very cheap price then you should consider taking a step back and wondering if it is too good to be true.

Temporary Hyper pigmentation

Sometimes dark-skinned patients will deal with temporary hyper pigmentation if they do not heed the warning of staying away from the sunlight well enough. A lot of patients tend to go back into the sun soon after a treatment which is what can cause this side-effect. Even sun beds and tanning salons will have a similar effect and should be avoided for a few days after the treatment. This is not a very common side-effect and can easily be avoided if all the necessary precautions are taken.

Scratches or bruised skin

Patients will at times go a little too far and use way too much pressure on their skin very fast which will inevitably lead to bruises all over your skin. Another common mistake is when people think that the bigger the needle size, the better the results will be which is simply not true. Needle sizes will vary to a great extent but that does not mean going for the longest length is going to do you any good especially not when you add a lot of pressure. The saying, ‘no pain; no gain’ really does not apply to derma rolling and so intense pressure on your skin should be avoided. A light pressure on your skin is more than enough to get the job done.

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