Derma Roller Needle Size

Derma rollers come in a range of needle sizes with everything from 0.25mm going up to 2.5mm. This wide range of needle sizes is because the aim of derma rollers is to have an option that can treat just about any problem perfectly with the right product. Different needle sizes need to be used carefully and you need to know whether the size you are using is apt for your problem. Using a needle size that is not just right for your problem can make the situation worse or even using a needle size that is too long too frequently could mean too much damage for your skin.

Knowing this basic information can make all of the difference when it comes to derma rolling.

0.25mm Needles

These needles cause just about no side effects and you can barely even feel it against your skin. They are meant to treat extremely small problems such as dull skin. These products are only to make your skin look brighter and stronger. There is no other real benefit that comes from these needles and they should not be used for problems like wrinkles or scars because they will not make any real difference. Numbing cream is not really required for these needles and you will not see any bleeding at all if done right. You can use this derma roller two or three times a week on a regular basis to see the results you want over the period of a few months. This needle size is also great for people who want to increase the absorption of their products such as serums and oils.

0.5mm Needles

This needle size can be used to better slight scarring or wrinkles that may appear with age. It can cause slight bleeding but is pretty rare and numbing cream can be used but is not necessary. These needles will increase the collagen growth and increase the effects of products you want to use by making absorption easier. Sun damage and damage endured from tanning booths can be treated with the help of this needle but it should not be used more than once a week as this could prove to be too much damage and pressure for the skin. The side effects with this needle length are slightly more than other with dryness being common as well as peeling but both of these side effects will subside pretty fast in most cases. Bleeding in the case of 0.5mm needles only happens when the user does not know how to roll properly and is applying too much pressure on the skin. These needles will be more painful than the 0.25mm ones but it is not unbearable by a long shot. If you are looking for a large amount of collage growth to treat the situation than you may need to opt for a longer needle length as these needles normally have to be paired up with other treatments to completely solve the problem. Nonetheless, it will definitely make wrinkles and fine lines better even without other creams and treatments to aid it.

1.00mm Needles

These needles can treat just about any problem no matter how mad it is and is a great natural option for people looking to deal with scars, wrinkles or acne that has really set itself in. The plus side of these needles is they work wonders when used properly and are great for a range of issues. It also makes any other treatments that a patient is using far more effective since it increases the levels of absorption that the skin is capable of. The downside when it comes to these needles is that it can cause bleeding pretty frequently during sessions and a numbing cream is 100% recommended. This treatment will cause redness and dryness that will last longer than shorter needles. It will die down by itself after a few days and icing or creams can help make it better by moisturizing the skin. It is recommended that patients should use this derma roller only once a month because using it more than that can damage your skin. Regular users who can tolerate the dryness can build up to using it twice a month if necessary. This can only be done when the patient recovers from the side effects in that period of time since the treatment can only be repeated once the skin is completely back to normal. So, in short, the number of times you use this particular derma roller depends on how quickly your skin can recover from the side effects it causes.

Anything above 1.5mm

These needles are only used for patients where nothing else is working and the condition they are dealing with is really bad and has gone too far. It can be used for people who are looking for quicker results but these people also need to understand that they are putting more up for bargain. This is a pretty painful treatment that takes a while for even recovery to take place and at no point should be done at home. For patients who are considering this treatment it is important they understand that they should first try needles that are shorter and if that does not work they need to make sure that a professional is present and administering the treatment. This treatment absolutely needs a numbing cream present during each and every session. It is normally used for body marks like stretch marks or similar issues that need a firm hand and more pressure. Another important piece of advice is that it is important that the person using the derma roller has enough experience so that the session is conducted properly to make sure there are minimal side effects and none of them are long term. This treatment should only be repeated after a waiting period of eight months so that the skin can recover properly.

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