Youyaner Derma Roller Reviews

Micro needling or derma rolling has many different products and options on the market. Every single one of these products is trying to make a mark in a very crowded space so it is easy to get swayed by products or brands that may not be right for your skin.

The Youyaner derma roller is one of the few brands that have been around long enough for multiple people to fall in love with their derma rolling kit. It is considered a premium kit to rely on whether you are new to micro needling or an old hand. It also comes with a range of other products that make life easier.

What exactly can be found inside the Youyaner derma roller kit?

The Youyaner derma rolling kit is one of the few kits on the market that make it a point to meet your every need. Most derma rollers come with just one roller that has no detachable head. Youyaner was one of the first that decided to rely on detachable heads to give the customer different needle sizes. The aim of the kit is to be able to give the patient a range of different needle sizes to use. There is a 0.5mm, 1.5mm and 0.75mm needle size available within the kit depending on the roller head you are using. There is also a narrow derma roller head that is extremely helpful. Within the kit itself there is a numbing cream and a travel case as well. The travel case makes it much simpler to maintain the cleanliness of the derma roller while also keeping the needles sharp.

The benefits of having different needle sizes

A lot of customers do not understand till later on that having a couple of different sizes is important and they will inevitably have to buy more than one derma roller if they do not get it together in the first place. Once you begin derma rolling in a certain area, it is extremely probable that you will want to increase the needle size of the derma roller you are using as your skin becomes more accustomed to the pain or pricks. This change in terms of needle sizes is much easier if you already have the derma roller head to just attach on to the handle. You will also be able to continue using the same brand which is a better idea. Some people also prefer to alternate between needle sizes for one area itself since these sometimes gives them better results or allows them more frequent sessions. Either way having multiple needle lengths to choose from without having to wait for another one to be delivered will definitely help in the long run.

Narrow headed derma roller head

The Youyaner derma roller head that is extremely narrow has been made thinking about the many people that try to treat the area beneath their eyes and years but fail to do so. Having a narrow roller head makes it easier to reach these tough spots. It also means that the person can avoid the many scratched and bruises that they would have to endure if they were using a derma roller head that was too wide as these roller heads cannot be moved around easily so the needles wind up scratching the skin a lot in tough to reach areas. This is why the narrow roller head was added to the kit.

Youyaner numbing cream

The Youyaner derma rolling kit also comes with a numbing cream as part of the package. The cream that they add along with the kit has a pretty fair amount of strength and can be used for quite a few sessions. People gradually increase the needle size that they are using and the pain increases as well. This normally happens after 1.5mm needle sizes but for a lot of people even this is a bit much. The bleeding that is possible with a 1.5mm needle can lead to some amount of pain form the patient. This can be minimized by using the derma roller numbing cream. It also makes patients more willing to have sessions in the future since no one wants to go back to something that was pleasant. It is important to remember that while using the numbing cream you should make sure you are wearing gloves so the effects of the cream do not affect your hand. This numbing cream’s effects will last for up to 2 hours after which you will have to resume after a reapplication. Another piece of information to keep in mind is that you should never leave it on for more than 30 minutes.

Why the Youyaner derma rolling kit is a good option

The Youyaner derma rolling kit comes with 540 sterilized needles that help treat the area much faster than a lot of other derma rollers do. These needles are also made out of a titanium alloy which makes them much better in terms of quality and they are known to give customers great results. The Youyaner needles are also very durable so they stay sharp and useful for a very long time. Another important factor you should focus on when you are buying a derma roller is making sure it is approved by the right people. The Youyaner derma roller is a 100% CE approved. CE approval means it has acquired the European quality seal which indicates that it is one of the most trustworthy brands with the most superior quality. It is important that you depend on a derma roller brand that has been approved by the right officials. Overall, the derma roller kit from Youyaner is definitely an option to consider if you are looking for great treatment sessions and quality while having everything you need in one kit.

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