Environ Derma Roller Review

When it comes to micro needling or derma rolling, the Environ derma rollers are considered a luxury brand with three different options to choose from. Environ focuses on pairing their products with their derma rollers in most cases and suggests using both of them together for the best results. The derma rollers that are advertised by this brand have different options for various parts of the body with varying needle sizes to treat different conditions. In regard to derma rollers, Environ is a brand that makes it a point to create multiple options that cater to particular conditions. This is also why each derma roller sold by Environ is sold separately. Every one of the derma rollers on offer though are definitely considered a more premium product as compared to a lot of other budget buys available online.

Types of derma rollers on offer by Environ

Environ has three major micro needling products on offer that have each been crafted by the company itself. The great part about Environ is it is an established brand in itself so you can easily pair up a serum or oil with the right derma roller and get the result you are looking for.

Cosmetic Roll-CIT

The cosmetic Roll-CIT is one of the most advertised and used products by Environ. It has a stainless still handle and an overall attractive design. The product itself was created by Dr Des Fernandes who is a surgeon as well as a founder of the company Environ. This particular derma roller is perfect for targeting conditions that need to be treated on the face or neck area. It has a 1mm needle size and is considered a very good match with some of the serums that are sold by the same brand. This particular derma roller is considered to be something that could be used regularly as a way to benefit the over quality of the skin. It is known to be a derma roller that you would use alongside other creams and serums since it is very good at increasing absorption levels of any topical agents. Most of the conditions that are treated by this roller are in the early stages. A key condition that is treated by this product is pre mature early aging. The lines caused by this benefit from the increased collagen production that result in tighter skin. The Roll-CIT is also perfect for scars and fine lines. Overall this product gives the patient a more even skin tone and helps clear out any mild to moderate skin conditions.

The micro needles are all stainless steel as well and should be washed with regularity if the aim is to use the product for as long as possible. Environ suggests that before starting the session, patients should apply a serum that has Vitamin A as a key ingredient. You can use this derma roller twice a week to begin with and then increase the regularity as your skin becomes accustomed. Make sure you clean the roller in hot water after the session is complete.

Cosmetic Gold Roll-CIT

The gold roll-CIT is supposed to be a derma roller that helps better the overall complexion and texture of your skin. It would be a considered a pick-me-up in the world of derma rollers and is normally used by people looking to improve their skin. This derma roller is supposed to be used on the face with key attention towards the sensitive areas like beneath eyes and ears. This is definitely one of the fanciest rollers around and is actually plated with 14 karat gold. This has a much heavier price tag than other derma rollers because of these factors with the retail price being $298. It is one of the few brands that are even distributed by dermatologists and fancy spas or clinics. If you are looking to treat yourself then this is the derma roller for you. Another perk that comes with this gold product is it naturally keeps away bacteria so to a large extent it stays clean by itself naturally due to the materials used. It has 216 needles that are made of the finest metals as well. This is the right product for someone looking for the Burberry of derma rollers.

Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT

This is the last derma roller on the list of environ rollers and it the one that has been specially designed for use on the body. There are 0.1mm stainless steel needles on this model as well with the grip and roller head being specially created for use on the body. It is perfect for scarring and pigmented areas of the body that need attention. Stretch marks and cellulite can also be treated by this model better than any other. This product retails for approximately $249 but there are discounts available on certain sites at times. It is also a great pair to any serums or oils that you may be using on your body. It acts as an absorption agent and helps the body absorb as much of the product as possible thus increasing the overall effectiveness. A key benefit that comes with this roller is that it takes into consideration the various curves and shapes of the body so there are two roller heads attached to the handle which makes it easier to use the product and move it around with ease. Even the micro needles are tilted at a certain angle to allow for maximum comfort and effect. This is perfect for the buttocks or thighs because these large areas can be treated faster with the help of both the derma rolling heads. This is definitely one of the best body derma roller available on the market and if you are looking for a luxury brand then this is one of the most preferred.

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