Dr Roller Derma Roller Review

The Dr Roller derma roller is considered a good middle ground when you are choosing a derma roller. It is not one of the cheapest on the market but it has grown to discover its price tag since its reputation in the derma roller industry is one of the best. If you are looking for a derma roller with the finest quality needles and something that will last long, investing in the Dr Roller derma roller is a fine choice. This brand manufactures all their products in South Korea and hails from there as well. It has become one of the most trusted brands over the years with many celebrities and practicing clinic letting it be the brand they depend on.

Options you can consider if you want to buy a Dr Roller derma roller

In terms of price Dr Roller is a bit more expensive than most derma rollers available but not the most expensive in the market. It is also well worth the price if what you are looking for is quality. The Dr Roller derma roller comes in various needle sizes as well as roller heads. These options make it easier to switch between products while sticking with the same brand. The Dr Roller derma rollers come in 5 different needle sizes with every derma roller having 192 needles. The grip itself is a gold handle that helps maintain a good hold throughout the session. The various sizes can be used for different parts of the body or a patient can choose to start with a lower needle size and build up.

  • The 0.5mm or 0.25mm needle sizes are most suitable for your regular skin tightening treatments and can be used by people who are looking for something to improve the skin. These rollers can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles but needles of this length will not produce a visible collagen increase so it is more for mile conditions. Skin pigmentation, hair loss and increased absorption from other skin care products are the benefits that can be seen by using these needle sizes.
  • The 1mm needle size can do just about everything the needle sizes that precede it can while also increasing collagen production. This needle size is not something that would be able to treat hair loss though. Moderate acne and stretch marks can see a lot of improvement with constant treatment from these needles. It is considered the middle ground when using this line of products.
  • The 1.5mm needle size by Dr Roller is targeted towards body usage and is mostly used for people with either severe conditions of acne or wrinkling but mostly for patients that suffer from sagging skin and severe stretch marks that need to be treated. This needle size is mostly used on the body for improving cellulite or stretch marks.
  • Lastly, the 2mm needle size is only used during situations where the condition is extremely bad and there is no other alternative. It is normally for extreme stretch marks or hard to treat scarring.

What are the different roller heads that are offered?

Dr Roller has two different roller heads to choose form depending on exactly what area you want to treat. There is the three line roller or the eight line roller. The three line roller is for areas like beneath the eyes or ears since they are areas that are hard to reach. The narrow derma head makes it simpler to treat these areas of the body without scratching the skin. The eight line derma roller head can be used for larger areas like the cheeks, legs or hands. It is basically anywhere else that is not extremely hard to reach or treat.

The benefits of using a Dr Roller product

Dr Roller is an established brand so the trust factor is already present. The brand has been in the micro needling industry for years and has plenty of satisfied customers. Unlike some other brands that offer superior quality, Dr Roller also manages to price their products in a more competitive manner. Another benefit that you can take advantage of is that the Dr Roller products allow for an easy switch when it comes to using bigger needle sizes. Since there are so many options on offer, it is not hard to begin using a larger needle size while still using the same brand. The derma rollers also give you the option to use a narrower derma roller head which means easier treatment for the hard to reach areas of the body. All of the needles are sterilized before hand and the product is FDA approved so there is no need to worry when you are buying a derma roller from this brand. It has a cross-line needle arrangement and all of the needles are made out of stainless steel for an improved experience.

Drawbacks for the Dr Roller derma roller

The one drawback of this product is there is no kit option so you cannot buy a travel pouch or serum with the derma roller. Any serum or numbing cream that you will want to use with the derma roller will need to be bought separately. There are plenty of options available online so patients can simply pick what is suitable to them and use it alongside the derma roller if preferred. The brand itself also offers various serums, oils, numbing creams, packaging and other products that can be bought separately and used alongside the derma roller.

In Conclusion

The Dr Roller derma roller is a great product if you are looking for amazing quality at an affordable price. The brand has definitely established itself as one of the front runners in the industry so many people tend to opt for their products.

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