Best Derma Roller Brands

A derma roller can be a great solution to a host of problems but there are thousands of brands to choose form which makes it a confusing process. When it comes to every other product we use we make it a point to get the best brand that we feel is most suited to our needs and derma rolling needs the exact same treatment. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you are narrowing down on a brand to depend on.

When choosing a derma roller for your skin, make sure you do not go for the cheap option without giving it a second thought as this could ruin the result. Cheap derma rollers tend to have needles that are not as sharp and the grip of the handle tends to be horrible. Make sure you depend on a derma roller that comes from a trustworthy brand that is backed by reviews. You should also try to pick a brand that offers a range of needle sizes so that if you need to increase the size, you can stick to the same brand without having to put in research all over again.

Derma roller brands to treat your face and neck

Treating your face and neck means you have to aim for derma rollers that are not as sharp because this skin is much more fragile. You will also need a needle size that is not too big as that can be unnecessary for your face.

The MT derma roller is a great derma roller for your face because it is well priced and has great results. Previous reviews regarding this derma roller have been overwhelmingly positive and the grip for the handle is pretty great as well. This derma roller is great for places that may be more sensitive than others so it is something you can depend on for the face and neck area. The roller head has a cross lined needle arrangement which makes the needles even more effective because it helps maintain even pressure all over the skin so you get great results with consistency. Even spas and clinics depend on these derma rollers to treat their clients with. In regard to the derma roller’s needle length, you can buy anything from 0.2 right up to 1.5mm so if you choose to increase the size of your needle, you can easily stick to the same brand.

If you are aiming at treating any under eye problems or the area behind your areas, MT derma roller has options that could make that easier. Since these are pretty sensitive and delicate areas to treat, buying a narrow head derma roller will make it easier to get better results while also dodging any unnecessary nicks and bruises. This derma roller goes up to 1.5mm in needle size as well but it starts at 0.75mm. This is also because these areas tend to need slightly more pressure than the rest of the face so a slightly thicker needle is needed.

Derma rollers for people on a budget

Sticking to a budget while getting great quality is easy when you are undergoing a derma roller session as no derma roller will ever go above $30 in terms of cost. If you are looking for a budget buy there are still plenty of options that get the job done well while keeping this in mind.

Anngrowy Derma Roller: This derma roller retails for $8 and is a great bet for anyone who is just getting into the world of derma rolling. It is a pretty gentle derma roller so you can use it on a regular basis without a lot of side effects. This derma roller is perfect for someone who has only recently started treating themselves with micro needling therapy. This roller has 540 titanium needles of 0.3mm needle size so it is not very harsh on the skin. This is perfect for someone who is looking for something that can help make their skin firmer and stronger. It is also a good product to use along with serums and oils because it increases absorption levels.

Best derma roller for people who are looking for a set

The 4 in one micro needle derma roller set is a great buy for anyone who is looking for an option that has multiple needle sizes. This is great for people who prefer treating themselves with two needle sizes alternatively or someone with two different conditions to treat. This derma roller also comes with a travel case which means you can easily store the derma rollers without having to buy the case separately. There is roller of 0.5mm needle size which is targeted at the lips and eyes as well as another roller head that has a needle size 1mm that is great for the face. There are also a third body roller head in this set which has 1200 pins and a needle size of 1.5mm. This is all well put together in the travel case.

Best derma roller for body use

Dr Roller is one of the most powerful derma rollers on the market and is targeted towards people who are looking to treat different body areas. It has needles that are made out titanium and it is also a budget-friendly option so it does stand out as one of the best if you are looking to treat stretch marks or cellulite. In regard to the needle sizes available, you can get the ZGTS derma roller with a needle size of anywhere from 0.5mm to 2mm depending on what you are looking for.

In conclusion

There are plenty of derma rollers and brands out there to choose form but it important to narrow down on something that is trusted by many. You should also make sure the derma roller you are using is suitable for the condition your are treating as this is the main factor.

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